Polo Bears, Louis Vuitton, Stone Island, Visvim and More (Sep. 25, 2020)

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I spend a lot of time browsing around the web finding vintage and used clothing that I think is really cool. I thought I’d collect some of the best finds and share them with you all.

Moschino 1990s Patterned Wool 2-Piece

from Files Vintage in the UK

I mean, c’mon look at this not-quite-christmasy knit. If I blog this for 50 years and archivists come back and see this as the very first I included I will still be proud of this find.


  • ~$287.13 USD
  • Women’s size Small

Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Bag Limited Edition Monogram PVC 50

from Rebag

I think this was from Virgil Abloh’s first collection at LV, the same collection as the iconic Prism bag. I haven’t seen that many of these around the web, so while this is crazy expensive, it’s included just out of combined cool-factor and rarity.


  • $3,590
  • Louis Vuitton S/S ’19 (I think)

Visvim Western-style denim shirt

from Grailed

I have a deep love of this style of shirt, and no one does it quite like Visvim. It’s certainly been worn, as is intended, and for that it’s quite a steal.


  • $137
  • Men’s size Medium

Stone Island Leather Bomber Jacket

from Grailed

Stone Island doesn’t really make a ton of stuff in leather, which is one reason I included this piece. The other is just that it’s just so cool, Stone Island or not. I love the slightly discolored green leather, the cool ribbing, and those huge pockets.


  • $289
  • Men’s size Small/Medium (see description)

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater

from Grailed

I love Polo’s bear sweaters, and this one from 2013 is just classic. In my experience RL sweaters tend to run small, so this may work if you normally wear a large.


  • $170
  • Men’s size XL


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